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What Will I Get Out of Recovery?

Nov 14, 2017 | QA, Recovery

Addicts and alcoholics usually look out for themselves trying to figure out what is in for them. You may have just realized that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol and are wondering what recovery has in it for you. Recovery can be one of the best things you can do for yourself because of what you will get out of it.


A newfound freedom.


You might be thinking, Yes! I am not longer incarcerated. I am free as a bird. The kind of freedom that you can get out of recovery is much deeper than that. Therapy and 12-Step programs may seem like a total drag, but the work that is suggested for you in your program will literally free you from resentment, worry, and overthinking. Recovery is designed for you to let go of all the things that have been holding you down and making you feel like drugs and alcohol are the answer to all your problems, which you will find in recovery that they are not.


A Higher Power, if you want to.


Recovery is based on spiritual faith that is something bigger than yourself to lead you out of relying solely on your own ways or even other people’s ways. The failure rate with human aid is substantially higher than entrusting your faith into a Higher Power. You do not need any religious connotation to be a spiritual person in recovery. Use something that you believe is real. Some people use the ocean, some people use their recovery support team that is made up of other addicts and alcoholics, and some use their own conception of God. Whatever you choose, you are never wrong with the understanding of your Higher Power.


Knowledge of your addiction.


Addicts and alcoholics typically like to live in denial of what is going on with their addiction. They may not think they are alcoholic or they may think that their problem is not as bad as everyone thinks. Getting sober and getting into recovery can educate you in why you are an addict or an alcoholic and how you can learn to accept your addiction as a blessing instead of a curse.


A sense of accomplishment.


Accomplishing anything in sobriety is a win. For many people, therapy or working the twelve steps in a 12-Step program can be the first time an addict can feel like they have completed something. This gift of sobriety may seem to come at a high price for some, but reaping the benefits of what comes after is really a bargain because many addicts will finally be able to endure some peace of mind.

There is so much to get out of recovery if you will just be open to the idea. Recovery might be the first day of the rest of your – sober.

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