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Recovery Life Skills 102: Developing a Daily Routine

Recovery Life Skills 102: Developing a Daily Routine

May 8, 2018 | Lifestyle, Recovery

In recovery, you may have been advised that you will be “rocketed into the fourth dimension” and being present in that magnitude means adapting to some recovery life skills that will help you with staying on course. One of the best ways to maintain sobriety is to develop a daily routine that will enrich your recovery life. Staying active in your recovery on a daily basis is imperative. The rule of thumb is to participate in recovery as much as you participated in your addiction which for most people is generally all day every day. While that may seem a little outrageous at first, the longer that you stay sober the more probable that your daily routine will just become the norm if you organize your time in a way that is conducive for the success of your recovery.

List out all your daily obligations

By figuring out what tasks take priority in your personal life, you can become more aware of how to merge your recovery tasks into your day to day tasks. Start by listing anything that comes to mind with your schedule such as school, a job, children, errands, hobbies, physical activity, or family activities.

List out all your recovery obligations

Write out everything that you do in your recovery. This should include time to produce step work, any weekly meeting times to go over step work with your sponsor, 12-Step meetings, commitments, being of service, time for calls to reach out to your sponsor and others, reading your book, praying, and meditating. Anything that entails keeping you sober should be listed.

List out all your obligations onto a calendar

Using a calendar to schedule all your daily responsibilities can help you to stay on track with the things that are truly important to you. Having a calendar can assist you in notating upcoming events so that you do not overbook yourself. You can use either a digital, dry erase board, or paper calendar, depending on what your personal preference is.

Putting a schedule together on a daily, or even a weekly or monthly basis, can help you become more organized in the ruse of a chaotic, overthinking mind that does not want to conform to recovery. Having a daily routine already in place can give you the upper hand to be in the right frame of mind to keep you sober one day at a time.

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