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Reasons Why People Join 12-Step Programs

Apr 18, 2018 | Recovery, Treatment

12-Step programs are often times the next phase when someone gets out of a rehabilitation facility. Many treatment centers use the 12-Step perspective while they are caring for their clients. Patients already have the proclivity that going to a 12-Step Program can help them to continue staying sober if they use the practices that are suggested.

There is proof in the results

The 12 Steps have worked for tons of people for over 7 decades and continue to work today for tons more. People do relapse in recovery because no one is perfect, but people also stay sober by following the suggestions the program provides to maintain a sober life. The statistics show that people are staying sober by following a 12-Step program.

Known to be the last house on the block

People that have tried everything will come into a 12-Step program with their tail between their legs knowing that if they cannot find sobriety in the program, that they are out of alternatives. A 12-Step program clearly states that there are two choices: to live by 12-Step principles or die a traumatic death of addiction. Although doing the work that the program recommends may seem difficult, not being around to experience what life has to offer seems much more difficult.

In dire need of support

One of things that you can expect from a 12-Step program is that everyone will come together in unity to help each other stay sober. Newly sober persons typically have run their loved out of their lives or currently dwell in unhealthy relationships that are overrun by addition. Coming to a 12-Step program can help fill the void that addiction causes in isolation.

In search of a like-minded community

People that are addicted to drugs and alcohol do better in recovery if they are around people that they relate to. Addiction causes shame and guilt that keeps people from opening up to “normal” people. Being in the presence of people that feel the same way, can break the ice to share what is really going instead of acting like everything is just fine.

Feeling hopeless in life

Addiction strips away hope from people that cannot stop using or drinking on their own. They give up on themselves because are unable to be honest with what is going on with their addiction. Without having the necessary resources, they continue to keep participating in their addiction. Going to a 12-Step meeting can be they resource that can give them the solution that they have been searching for to stay sober.

12-Step programs can provide something for anybody who is willing to go to any lengths for sobriety. Go and see what a 12-Step Program is all about and do not give up until the miracle happens.

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