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Reasons to Celebrate National Picnic Month in Recovery

national picnic month

Jul 20, 2018 | Recovery, Sobriety

July is known as national picnic month and what better way to participate than to go outside and enjoy some delicious food in the summertime weather. With a little planning of food, drink. plasticware, napkins, and plates, you can be setup on a picnic in no time. Pack up your basket and find a location because there are so many wonderful reasons why you should celebrate your recovery with a picnic.

Picnics can be therapeutic

Recovery is known for its ups and downs and getting into the great outdoors to smell nature, feel the rays of sunshine, and hear the wind blowing through the trees, can be very beneficial for someone who has been stuck indoors and needs to relax. Taking time out of your busy life to coexist with ants on a blanket can make you slow down enough to a enjoy a sandwich and some watermelon, or even a quick nap.

Picnics can be liberating

The great thing about picnicking is that a typical picnic is at a park or at the beach which can give you the feeling of being free in nature. If you begin to feel overwhelmed with your company, you can take a quick tour of the area to regain your composure to then go back and join the group.

Picnics can be fun

Addiction is anything but fun. Learning how to get out there and start having fun in recovery can begin with something as simple as a picnic. Not only do you want to bring food fit for a picnic, you might want to include a frisbee, a volleyball, or a hacky sack to kick around. Take a hike to enjoy the view and possibly a sunset while you are eating some potato salad. Adding activities to your picnic can keep the energy and the laughter going.

Picnics can be casual

Instead of having to get dressed up to go to a restaurant, shorts and a t-shirt are the standard for a picnic. You could even wear your bathing suit if you wish. The point of a picnic is to let loose to enjoy your surroundings instead of getting caught up in the minutia of clothes, social media, or other distracting elements of the normal everyday life.  

Get your friends and family together to join you in a picnic this month to celebrate National Picnic Month. Throwing a picnic is great way to save money, boost your mood, and have an opportunity to have fun with your friends with a beautiful ambience that was made especially for you.

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