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Reasons Why Connecting to Others in Recovery is Beneficial

Reasons Why Connecting to Others in Recovery is Beneficial

Aug 17, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, Recovery

Addiction is a very isolating disorder. Someone who consumes drugs and drinks alcohol usually does so to take the edge off or to party with their friends. What happens to a person who becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol is they become anxiety ridden when they are not passed out and become isolated from their loved ones. Addiction becomes a lonely journey that can keep anyone who is suffering with substance abuse from wanting to connect to anything except the elusive effects of drugs and alcohol.

Once the decision has been made to become abstinent with drugs and alcohol, knowing who, how, when, and why you should connect to others can seem impossible to figure out. The truth is that there are people on this earth for you to specifically bond with who will help you during the hopeless phases of your recovery and celebrate the joyful ones. Having beneficial relationships can assist you in recovery and here are some reasons why.

You were meant to be congregated

One of the human psychological necessities in life is love and connection. Companionship is important to incite growth and experience the pleasures life has to offer with others. You may feel out of place without having drugs and alcohol to fall back on, but it will get easier the more you let others reach out to you and you allow yourself to reach back.

You were meant to be rallied

People want to applaud the changes you are making in your life regarding your sobriety and you should let them. You have probably been beat down enough during the low points of your addiction. Take contrary action and have people who are cheerleaders for your recovery root you on when you hit milestones and accomplish the unimaginable.

You were meant to serve

One of the best ways to learn how to connect to others is giving back to someone who is less fortunate than you. You can get instant relief from self-pity and loneliness because the people you are helping need your service. Volunteering at a soup kitchen, donating clothes you are not using, or showing up at your support group are some simple ways to care for others without having to do too much.

Connecting to others in recovery can be achieved if you do not block the efforts of others and yourself. Persons in recovery are people who would not normally mix, although they do for unity, so that everyone has a chance to stay sober. Find your people and hang on tight because you are the ride of a lifetime.

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