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Quality vs. Quantity

Americans are busy. That is a valid statement that describes how day to day life evolves as someone gets older. Add a significant other, children, a job, hobbies, and a multitude of other obligations, and what you get is exhaustion and anxiety. Feeling run down by mundane activities may keep you from missing out on the things that you really want to enjoy. Looking at the things that are the most important to you, and make those things your biggest concern, can help you to slow your roll and show you how quality is better than quantity.

“No” is a full sentence

It is hard to tell someone no when they ask for something. In sobriety, we are taught to never turn down a recovery request. If you are saying no to something because you are rebelling and just do not want to, that is one thing. When you are doing too much that it is keeping you from being healthy with sleep, diet, and quality of life, say no. Someone might say, “You will get to sleep when you die!” Never mind them. Sleep now, in recovery, so that you can truly be of service to yourself and others.

Stop burning out

Overwhelming yourself is not good for anyone. If you overload your agenda, this will usually result in making you eventually run out of steam. Fatigue and irritation will eventually appear making you take it out on others. Whether it is the fear of not being good enough or people pleasing, putting too much on your plate causes problems that could be avoided if you advert overabundance.  Relapse becomes more apparent when life is chaotic and gets out of whack by trying to do so much.

Hidden agendas are overrated

Let others know when you are inundated with your schedule. Stop before you agree to anything because this will give you the propensity to view your schedule to figure out if this is a good idea for you or not. Keeping track of all on your endeavors on a calendar, either paper or digital, can help you make logical decisions based on what you can and cannot do.  Being organized with your schedule can directly regulate your thoughts with greater ease.

One day at a time is what matters

Although some people may have more years of sobriety than you can ever imagine obtaining, the only amount of sobriety that really matters is what you have attained for today. Having time in recovery does not necessarily mean that the principles are being followed. Look for people that are working a program and are trying to stay sober for the long haul one day at a time.

Finding quality instead of quantity in recovery will help put the purpose of your temperance into perspective. Doing too much can sometimes turn into a waste, but making the most of your sobriety is what counts.

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