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Tips on Planning an Alcohol-free Wedding

Jan 5, 2018 | Recovery, Sobriety

Alcohol is usually synonymous with wedding bells. Most couples enjoy having adult alcoholic beverages served at their wedding to entertain their guests during their attendance at the reception. The alcohol may also serve as a purpose to calm writhing nerves that go along with cold feet.

Alcohol-free weddings have become more prevalent to cut costs, because of health issues arising, for religious purposes, and for people that are in recovery. There is nothing wrong with refraining from serving alcohol just to please your guests.

Have a non-alcoholic alternative for the champagne toast.

A common custom for weddings is having a few designated people to give toasts to bride and groom to bless their marriage. Champagne is typically served, but there are other options as well that do not contain alcohol. Sparkling apple cider comes in a few different flavors that looks, but does not taste like champagne including the bubbles. Sparkling white grape juice, mocktails, or even whatever someone already has in their hand will work just fine.

Find a caterer with specialty beverages.

Depending on what type of food you are serving, there is usually a good variety of non-alcoholic drinks to choose from within a specific genre.  Hawaiian food can have variety of punch drinks, Mexican food is served well with Horchata and Hot chocolate, and American food can include specialty iced teas and lemonades. You can also keep it simple by just serving soft drinks, teas, coffee, and water.

Make entertainment a priority.

Since you are not serving alcohol, spike the fun! Have games that people can interactively play like the Newlywed game, a Mr. and Mrs. Madlib for marriage advice, wedding bingo, or a fun game of I Spy. Get a DJ to get everyone dancing. Put up a photo booth with amusing props for photo opportunities.

Serve cake right after dinner.

Receptions that have alcohol can go into the wee hours of the night. Your alcohol-free reception can be a party that lasts only a few hours. Cut the cake right after dinner. Once cake is served, people get usually get an inkling that it is time to go home. Your crowd may thin out, but at least you will send them on their way with a sugar-buzz instead of an alcohol-buzz.

Be in acceptance that if somebody is going to drink, they will find a way.

If there are people attending your wedding that want to drink regardless of the reception being dry, they will. People carry flasks or keep booze in their cars specifically for these types of occasions. Unless they get super rowdy or are trying to drive under the influence, just have fun at your wedding because there is not much you can do.

Alcohol-free weddings may seem abnormal to some, but they can be just as fun. Not only will the celebration be well-thought out, but it can also be recollected the next day.

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