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Do I Have Personality Traits of Addiction?

Do I Have Personality Traits of Addiction?

Jul 3, 2018 | Addiction, QA

You may have heard people state that they get addicted to everything. What they are really trying to express is that they may be prone to having an addictive personality which means that they tend to get addicted to a variety of different behaviors. There is not one type of personality that dictates whether someone will become addicted or not, but there are definitely personality traits that tend to be prevalent among those who have a problem with addiction.

They are withdrawn.

Someone with an addiction usually likes to isolate from their loved ones and peers. Either they are already antisocial, or they are uncomfortable doing their addictive behaviors in front of their friends and family because their addiction will become front and center to reveal the truth. Being withdrawn is a coping mechanism to protect their addiction at all costs.

They have low self-esteem.

Many people that exhibit addictive behaviors usually have had some sort of trauma that has been instrumental in making them feel inadequate. With their self-deprecation, their go to is to suppress their feelings by turning to things that will make them feel better including drugs, alcohol, food, sex, exercising, or anything else that can fill the void in their life that they can become addicted to.

They show contention.

People that are more liable for getting an addiction also usually demonstrate nonconformity in their life. In attempt to take the heat off their addiction by priding themselves on their difficult uniqueness, they actually make their addiction stand out even more with their social indifference and aloofness.

They are compulsive.

Having an addiction means that an individual must have enough of their addiction to satiate their desire. Their overwhelming urge to use, drink, smoke, eat, or gamble needs to be fulfilled or they cannot stop thinking about whatever “it” is that they want to do. This usually means that they are unable to stop once they start.

They deny, deny, deny.

Honestly, no one ever wants to admit that they have a problem. This means that they are conceding defeat with their addiction – which they usually call fun or something they deserve because they are in denial that they even have a problem.

By looking at some of these characteristics of addiction, you may have an opportunity to help someone that could need some serious help. Someone who decides to make changes in their life regarding their addiction can become the person they were meant to be.

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