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How Do I Go from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed?

Apr 26, 2018 | QA, Wellness

When people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol get sober, it can be a mind-boggling time. Lots of adjustments take place and new knowledge is acquired on how to make some necessary modifications to maintain their sobriety. This does not come easy for most and is often a slippery slope into relapsing due to having an overwhelming new start in life when all they really want is feel overjoyed.

Change your mindset

Overthinking everything and making sure everything is perfected is a full-time job. Instead of contemplating every little detail of every second of your day, free your mind. Give your brain a break for once. Try mindfulness or yoga. Find something that can keep you from overload and can lead you into high spirits.

Do not worry, be happy

In recovery, you will be taught that you should not worry about the things that are out of your control. Trying to arrange your life to accommodate what you want, will get tiring. Trying to control everything is just not possible and leads to frustration when things do not go your way. Going with the flow of what recovery has to offer can make everything less obligating and more jubilant.

Do what other happy people do

Find happy, sober people and do what they do. Work the Steps, read the book, be of service, go to therapy, but make sure to get some good fellowship time in with your peeps. A balance of all these things will no doubt show you how to have some newfound fun in sobriety.

Let it go

When you are angry. Let it go. When you blame others. Let it go. Doing the work that recovery programs suggest is important to get to a point to let it go. Learning about yourself and the things that make you tick like a time bomb, can shed some light on how to let whatever you are feeling go. Feelings are not facts. Feel what you need to feel to comprehend what you need to comprehend. As long you do not stay stuck there for too long and let it go, you will spend less time with negative feelings and get to experience happier and more joyful feelings more often.

Take direction

Telling someone else what you are going through, such as a therapist or a sponsor, can help you to process what you need to do. Keeping thoughts swimming in your head will not give you the opportunity to see what you may really need to do in troubling situations. Let someone else tell you what they recommend so that you can start implementing solution in your life for more pleasant results.

Feeling overrun can really tie you down in life. Taking action to clear out of some of the things that are hindering your bliss, can guide you from feeling overwhelmed to feeling overjoyed.  

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