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Overdose in the City Council

Overdose in the City Council

Jun 5, 2018 | Addiction, Uncategorized

Addiction is talked about all the time with how it does not discriminate. Most people use the stereotype of a homelessderelict as the face of addiction but with the opioid crisis hitting our society from every angle, more outrageous stories have been brought to the platform of combating drug overdoses.

In March, City Councilman Larry Green of Houston, Texas died suddenly which was dismaying to those in the community, his family, and colleagues. Green was discovered dead in his home after not showing up for a meeting which was out of his character. Local police did a welfare check to find him deceased in his bed with no signs of struggle. Hundreds of people showed up for the funeral where Green was honored as a prominent City Councilmen. He was recognized for the work that he did around the city to help those who may not have otherwise had a voice. Councilman Green facilitated a new police station, a community park, and a senior facility during his elected tenure to enhance the quality of life by providing newer amenities in his district.

At the beginning of April after his funeral, the shocking autopsy revealed that Green had died of an accidental overdose which hit too close for comfort for the city of Houston. The findings were a deadly combination of Methamphetamines and Chloroethane. Ethyl Chloride, or Chloroethane, is a solvent that is found in aerosol cans and used as an inhalant. The vapor of Chloroethane can cause the feeling of pleasure or intoxication that is dangerous due to the unknown dosage of the solvent when ingested. With the abuse of Chloroethane, which is considered a downer drug, the heart can become sensitized to an abnormal rhythm which can become fatal. Add an upper drug like Methamphetamines to the mix of Chloroethane and the result is a fatal mishmash of drugs that was detrimental to the body of Larry Green.

The moral of the story which sometimes can be overlooked is that someone can be a good person and be a drug addict or an alcoholic as well. No one is spared when it comes to addiction which is why the solution to substance abuse and overdose has to be the focal point to gaining momentum in changing the face of addiction. Larry Green is nonetheless beloved by his family, coworkers, and community even though he overdosed on drugs. Instead of judging him in his time of adversity, they are keeping his legacy alive because of his dedication to his fellow Houstonians.

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