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Obliterate Your Doubts About Staying Sober

Nov 7, 2017 | Sobriety

Fear of the unknown is as common as the sun rising and the sun setting. Getting sober and getting out of our comfort zone can cause us to be immensely uncomfortable. Vast change has to take place to achieve the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of sobriety. We do not know what that change will entail because it is a unique combination for everyone.

Just doing what is suggested of us is a foreign concept. We are a society of overthinkers that like to rebel at the thought of anyone telling us what to do. Recovery can change all of that because we have usually reached the last house on the block and have nowhere else to turn to. The gift of desperation can help to obliterate our doubts about staying sober.

Doubts About Staying Sober

“It’s all good!”

When life starts getting better in sobriety, there comes a point where we start to question if we really are addicts or alcoholics. We start to believe that we can control our addiction. Feel free to do more research, but we need to be ready for those addictive behaviors to start where we left off and continue to progress to an even worse condition.

“I do not want your help.”

Trying to get on the same page as other recovering addicts and alcoholics may keep us from getting in the solution. We look for the differences instead of the similarities that talk us out of wanting to get help. Change that perspective and find somebody that exhibits the personality traits that we want and do what they do.

“People just do not understand.”

Recovery gets a stereotype of a skid row junkie begging for money and drinking out a bottle in a brown paper bag. This could not be further from the truth. The vision of recovery is a bunch of people trying to support each for a common cause – to stay sober no matter what. Being an example of sobriety can show others that being a recovering addict or alcoholic is actually a positive experience.

“I am going to lose my job.”

A person with an addiction that is getting professional help through a rehabilitation facility cannot be fired. Addiction is considered a disease and if we are getting help for our disease, then we are protected under the labor laws in the United States because it is considered discrimination. Once we get sober, we should go back to work and do the very best job we can do to prove to our employers that they are better with us than without us.

Fear can be responsible for some insane thoughts that run through our minds to limit our usefulness to others. Get rid of the doubt that may be holding you back and just plan to stay.


You deserve to be ADORNED in your recovery. Life skills, coping tools, education, holistic healing, and a sober support system will help you gain long term sobriety. Serenity Oaks Wellness Center offers a comprehensive treatment program for recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

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