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Obdurate Behavior in Recovery

Obdurate Behavior in Recovery

Nov 28, 2018 | Mental Health, Recovery

Here you are in recovery for an addiction. Your family has practically disowned you, it’s been months since any of your friends called, your kids never answer your phone calls, and you feel like a complete failure. All is not lost. You can be in the worst state of your life from living in a drug den to sleeping on city street grates, or going to work each day and getting inebriated or high every night. There are no tricks, magic wands or devices to lift you up. There are people out there who want to help you recover from the devastation of addiction. Your job is to reach out to them, not block their good intentions.

You can reach out to fellowship groups, therapists and rehabs, but first you have to want recovery. Of course I want recovery, you may say, but then don’t follow through with therapy appointments, attend recovery meetings on a regular basis, or follow any suggestions. So what is it that’s impeding you? Why are you resistant to persuadance?

Perhaps it’s the addiction itself, the craving. The meetings aren’t helping with your craving. On billboards everywhere, there’s a beautiful woman sipping a martini, or men around a campfire banging back beers. Advertising, as well as what addiction does to your brain, tries to convince you to continue consumption. If you drink this, you will get the beautiful woman or the heeman, but better still, all your troubles and pain will vanish. It’s not true.

Your obdurate behavior may be a defense mechanism, but isn’t it time to let go of it, open up and trust others—get with the program so to speak? You have to be the one who wants a better life. All the persuading and empirical evidence about what helps people with an addiction won’t work unless you want it to work. Perhaps you are afraid of withdrawal, or facing your family, friends or peers again. That’s understandable, but you can get guidance and support.

Going to a rehab can help you understand addiction. You’ll be in a safe environment, too. Nobody in recovery has an easy time of it. You’re one of hundreds of thousands, but you’re no less worthy of what recovery can give to your future sober life.

Serenity Oaks provides an intensive 5 week program to support your sobriety and recovery from addiction. We provide medical support, detox, and other help such as building life skills. Through individualized programs we help you move forward in recovery. Call us to find out how we can help you get started: 844-396-8526.  

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