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Nothing Changes Without First Shifting This One Thing

Nothing Changes Without First Shifting This One Thing

Sep 20, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, Addiction

Setting yourself up for success is harder than you think, but it is also much easier than you think. To get started, it really has to do with a mindset shift. Once you get your head around how to shift that, everything else falls into place more easily over time. Find out what that one thing is that can help shift everything into focus.

The Paths Diverge

Sometimes people take very different paths on the road to recovery. There may be friends who:

  • Join all the recovery support groups
  • Take up offers from sponsors
  • Visit AA everywhere they go
  • Meditate, do yoga, or incorporate holistic practices into their recovery
  • Seem to be getting better and stronger in sobriety

Then, there are those friends and loved ones who seem to be on a divergent path, including:

  • Friends or loved ones who still visit old haunts
  • Friends or loved ones who hang with all the old pals
  • Holistic practices don’t seem to be part of their journey
  • Going to recovery meetings is ‘every-so-often,’ not a necessity

The biggest challenge in recovery is that wanting it is not enough. Having good intentions does not mean you will make progress in a program for substance abuse. Your addiction may be too strong. If you relapse months later, you may end up in a worse place than when you first got out of rehab to begin with. Making lasting change starts with doing one thing first in early recovery.

Start Fresh

Breaking up the routine of drinking and using drugs can be a challenge. It requires commitment and strength to change lifestyles and activities. The old saying ‘if nothing changes, nothing changes’ is so true, in that, real change won’t mean anything unless we actually change something. End of the day, change comes in many shapes and forms but it is focused mainly what you do to transform this new life. Essentially, you have to want to make recovery successful.

When you change who you spend time with, where you hang out, and how you think, it can become a critical component of sobriety that shifts you into gear for what’s ahead. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, the key to success is about getting up in spite of the challenges you face and taking the small steps that lead to success. Taking that first step may be the hardest, but is ultimately the most rewarding you can take for your journey.

Serenity Oaks provides an intensive 5 week program to support your sobriety and recovery from addiction. We provide medical support, detox, and other help such as building life skills. Through individualized programs we help you move forward in recovery. Call us to find out how we can help you get started: 844-720-6847.

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