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My Teenager is Addicted so What Do I Do?

My Teenager is Addicted so What Do I Do?

Aug 20, 2018 | Addiction, QA

If you are under the mindset that teens experimenting with drugs and alcohol is a normal rite of passage, you are underestimating the power that addiction could have over your teen. There is no guarantee that your teen with come out of their experimental phase unscathed. Chances are your adolescent could join the hundreds of thousands of teens that have gotten caught up in the epidemic that has been instrumental with causing them to develop an addiction.  

There may be no greater disappointment than finding out that your teenager is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Your first inclination may be that you did something wrong or you did not guide your child in the correct manner. The shock that you feel knowing that your child could be danger can be more than you can take, but in order to protect your teen, you will need to keep yourself together the best you can for the sake of getting them the help they need.

Stay calm

Keeping your wits about you can improve an otherwise uncomfortable situation. Once you start criticizing, yelling, or getting emotionally charged with your teen, you are limiting your ability to get through to them that this is a very serious problem they will need guidance with.

Access the problem

Look at what the signs and symptoms are to let a therapist or interventionist know what your teenager is experiencing. By giving them the run down of what your teen is going through, you can approach their addiction with the best solution for what their individual circumstances are. A therapist or interventionist can help you stage an intervention bolstering you to reach them in a compassionate and responsive manner.

Decide your method

There are a variety of means to conquer how you should handle your teen. Since they are underage, you are responsible for their well-being and will have to authorize any treatment. Whether you put them in a rehabilitation program or find them an addiction specialist therapist to help them process the reasons of their addiction, figure out the best avenue for your teen and get them there.  

Get personal help

Addiction is a family disease. Although the addiction is not of your doing, you will no doubt face anxiety, fear, and unresolved feelings surrounding your teen’s substance abuse that you will need assistance to work out. Find some support with a therapist, Al-Anon, or CoDA to get you through the tough issues that will come your way.

Your teen’s addiction is a big deal and you should treat it as so. You can make the difference of what lies ahead for them by supporting them in their recovery.

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