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Most Common Traits of an Addiction

People that have addictions have similar adverse effects to drugs and alcohol. They also have comparable traits that become prevalent when under the influence.


  • Withdrawn


Addiction likes to keep individuals to themselves and isolate. The antisocial part comes from having their covers pulled to what the addict is really doing. If someone other than the person struggling with the addiction knows to what extent that they were going to get drugs and alcohol, as well as knowing what quantities they were using, they would not be getting away with what they want to keep from others.


  • Denial


No one really wants to admit to becoming addicted to substances. The mentality within the addiction advocates that it is actually way easier to deny to what the truth is than to take responsibility for what is really going. Someone practicing in their addiction usually has an alter ego that tells a different story than that of someone who is not under the influence. The innate power of the brain will keep them from denying the danger and the reality of what is truly going on in their addiction.


  • Entitlement


Someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol usually feels like they are owed something which can become the standard in their daily life. Being self-absorbed and self-preoccupied makes someone with an addiction demanding on other people by enabling them to provide money, resources, or respect.


  • Impulsive


Individuals that abuse drugs and alcohol will take risks and portray erratic behaviors while they are consuming drugs and alcohol. Without any thought towards others, most people that have issues with drugs and alcohol, will do whatever they want to do whenever they want to. They have an all-or-nothing mentality that can keep them making logical decisions that jeopardize themselves and the people around them.


  • Low self-esteem


People with substance abuse of drugs and alcohol are looking for a way to make themselves feel better. Abuse and trauma are some of the key culprits that make addicts turn to drugs and alcohol. Once their addiction takes over, it can literally turn a person into a thief and a liar causing the addict to do things they would not do sober. This type of behavior will create shame and guilt of not doing the right thing along with fear that will continue to lower self-esteem until the addict changes their ways.

Although there are people that occupy many of these traits and do not have problems with addiction, most people that are battling addiction will have some of these traits across the board. These traits used are to help evaluate the potential of whether someone indeed has an addiction, so that they can get the help that they need.





If you know someone that possess any of these traits, you may need give them the resources to help them get well. Serenity Oaks Wellness Center has the resources to assist them with long-term sobriety. Our staff will give someone struggling with addiction an individualized plan to move forward in their recovery.

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