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Mindfulness and Awareness in Recovery

Jan 4, 2018 | Mental Health, Recovery

Our society is a busier place than it used to be. With more inventions and more activities, the world can be a pretty crazy place out there which keeps us occupied. We are usually too busy with the mundane activities of life to slow down. If we were to take up meditation and try to sit still with our thoughts, it would probably be something that we could not accomplish due to our inability to slow down our ideation. Our meditation would probably consist of doing the laundry in our heads, or writing up the grocery list we have been putting off because our minds can be a noisy place to be in. Instead of being present, we have gotten so caught up in what comes next, that we have forgotten how to take time to smell the roses.

In recovery, we have no choice but to slow it down. When we do not take the action to remiss our brains, our brains will get overwhelmed and we will begin to act out in other ways such as abusing drugs and alcohol. Losing our sobriety in this manner needs to be avoided at all costs, so we need mindfulness and awareness to keep us in our recovery.

Mindfulness means that we are staying present throughout the day instead of getting into the future, or even the past, with the monotony of the day to day things that bring us down. Along with mindfulness comes the revelation of awareness. Basically, the two together is residing in the present to discover the perception in how recovery should be. We are really good at putting aside the things that are good for us to accomplish. The things that are more important to others or doing things that makes us look good in other people’s eyes, are typically the things that we unnecessarily make our priority.

Taking mindfulness and awareness as a recovery practice can help us to increase our self-awareness to be more useful to those around us. By putting ourselves first in this unselfish way, we can improve our harmony with ourselves and our loved ones. Becoming whole with mindfulness and awareness in recovery will help to achieve a sense of calm that just might be the missing link that kept us out there in our addiction.

With mindfulness, life takes on a new awareness that can transform the disruptions in our brains. Peace of mind can bring us a piece of serenity to help us to be more tranquil and pensive.

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