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How Do I Make Recovery Stick for My Loved One?

Mar 29, 2018 | QA, Recovery

Addiction affects every single person that it comes into contact with and not typically in a good way. If only you could do the work for the person who is suffering from substance abuse, you might make them stay sober. This may seem like an easy approach to take to help someone that you love, but the only way someone can stay sober, is if they want it for themselves. You can only be a support for them. By taking a look at what you should do for them, you can make a huge difference in their sobriety.

Stop enabling them.

You may think that you are helping them if you are giving them money, a place to live, a cell phone, or anything that keeps them connected to keeping their addiction alive with the means that you are offering them. They want you to feel guilty that you are not doing enough for them in their misery. Thinking that they will die if you do not provide for them, is exactly where they want you. The truth is that you may be preventing them from experiencing their bottom that could lead them to get the help that they need.  

Support their recovery, not their addiction.

Without being too pushy, encourage them to get help for their addiction. Recovery can make the distinction in allowing them to see how their addiction is not good for them. Go to open 12-Step meetings with them, give them a ride to their sponsor’s house to do step work, or propose to go to counseling with them. There are many ways to give them the support that they need to stay sober.

Be a good example.

Try doing healthier things that can rub off on them while they are trying to remain sober. Go for a hike, eat a healthier diet, do volunteer work. While they may not take up the same activities as you right away, you may be the only representation that see of a good example and decide to do what you do.

Being a loved one of someone that continues to beat themselves up with drugs and alcohol is extremely difficult. You may wish that you could make recovery stick for them, but it is important that they do it for themselves. Recovery can only be achieved by the person who seeks it.

If you or someone you know has a problem with drugs or alcohol, our partial-care program can show you how to stay in sobriety for the long-run. Our exceptional faculty can help to procure your success in recovery.

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