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4 Ways to Maintain Freedom in Recovery

4 Ways to Maintain Freedom in Recovery

Jul 19, 2018 | Recovery, Treatment

July is the month that initiates the celebration of your national freedom that can mean so much more to somebody that is recovering from drugs and alcohol. These substances may be something that appear to take the edge off at first, but once addiction takes a person over, drugs and alcohol can build walls around someone that can create their own personal prison. Most people who abuse drugs and alcohol become so dependent on the effects, that they no longer have any sort of freedom. Their day-to-day activities may consist of chasing the substances they need to keep from feeling the pain of withdrawal.   

Getting sober and staying sober can give new meaning to Independence Day for you this year. While this holiday represents the United States of America forming their own nation amongst the Thirteen Colonies to separate from the British Empire, being grateful for your own freedom from drugs and alcohol can be cultivate a long-term recovery plan.

Find a support group

Once you find the people that can help enhance your recovery, you will start to feel like part of a group, have others to relate to, and help you to get into the solution instead of staying the in the problem. Having the support you need for your sobriety will be life-changing.

Get into action

Whether you are going to therapy, a 12-Step program, or being active in your church, doing activities to help you work through the issues which made you drink or use, can provide the relapse prevention you need to make wise decisions to affect your recovery program in a positive manner.

Give honesty a try

The more open you become with your therapist, your sponsor, your pastor or your support group, the bigger breakthrough you can expect. By putting your feelings, emotions, secrets, and fears out there, you can see what is really going on with your thinking and make the necessary changes to better your life.

Service is the cornerstone

One thing that must remain the same in recovery is being of service to those around you. You may need to carry the message to others or be helpful to keep sobriety a priority. The beautiful thing with being of service is that you must give away what was so freely given to you in recovery.

Let freedom ring in recovery by suiting up and showing up in your sobriety one day at a time. You may finally be able to appreciate the beauty of the Independence Day fireworks by maintaining your freedom in recovery.

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