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What You Need Know About Krokodil

Nov 6, 2017 | Drug Addiction, Treatment

Starting in 2013, a new drug emerged onto the street of the United States called Krokodil. Known also by Desomorphine, it is a synthetic opioid derivative of codeine that has a faster-acting euphoric high and is more potent that of even morphine. Desomorphine was first patented in Russia under the name Permonid in 1934 to treat a single patient with a rare illness until the drug ceased production in 198. Although the drug was effective for severe pain it also caused severe respiratory depression, hypotension, and urinary retention which made the cons outweigh the pros. Used originally for treatment of severe pain, Krokodil has become a dangerous and highly addictive homemade remedy that is about a third of the cost of heroin.

An increase in clandestine production of Desomorphine became apparent in 2003 when abuse of the drug drew international attention in Russia, specifically Siberia. The homemade drug was manufactured through over-the-counter codeine and then “cooked” with poisonous ingredients such as paint thinner, gasoline, iodine, hydrochloric acid, and red phosphorus that was extracted off matchsticks. While the intention may have been to cook out the dangerous chemicals, many times they will remain present in the drug that is consumed causing damage to the body.

Krokodil is the street name for Desomorphine. The name was acquired because of the nasty effect the toxic chemicals had on the body. Use of the drug results in scaly, bumpy and green or black skin. People that use the drug could possibly acquire gangrene and need an amputation.  Krokodil has been known to literally rot the flesh off infected areas with developing abscesses.

There are multitudinous disadvantages with the use of Krokodil because of its negative repercussions.

  • Infections
  • Amputations
  • Ulcers
  • Gangrene
  • Blood vessel damage
  • Organ damage
  • Central nervous system damage
  • Blood poisoning

Since Krokodil only lasts for up to two hours and the process of cooking it takes about 30 minutes, this means that addicts usually have a never-ending cycle of trying to prevent withdrawal from the drug since the withdrawals are considered some of the worst among all drugs. Withdrawal from Krokodil can be debilitating because the withdrawal symptoms can last to up to a month with insufferable agony whereas other illicit drugs may only take up to one to two weeks for withdrawal to cease.

For addicts who keep using Krokodil, they can be left with permanent memory loss, speech impediment, or erratic body movements. The effects of Krokodil can also result in overdose which is what happens in real crocodiles – they strike before a person can even react.

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