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Keys to Having a Healthy Relationship in Sobriety

Keys to Having a Healthy Relationship in Sobriety

Aug 8, 2018 | Relationships, Sobriety

Companionship is important to have in your daily life. When you were in the throes of your addiction, attempting to maintain healthy relationships was nearly impossible. You were of little use to those around you while you were under the influence. Now that you are in participating in recovery and your life again, you should be enjoying the relationships around you that are important to you. You may have family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, spouses, or love interests that you must learn to have healthy relationships with in sobriety. Although relationships are often quite fickle, you can have better connections with a few simple keys.

Take your time

Instead of trying to rush everything to try and make up for lost time, take relationships in a slow manner. Even though you may have known some of these people for your whole life, in a sense you are getting to know them with a fresh set of recovery eyes. Everyone, including you, continually changes and you can acquaint them with the new person you have become in sobriety.

Watch your reaction

You may have treated some people rather poorly in the past with your response to their actions or to what they say. Pause when agitated and react in a way that is becoming to your sobriety. Once you have said something or texted something, you cannot take it back. Think about how you want to portray yourself in recovery and tread lightly.

Display a good example

Loved ones may be leery of your new sobriety since you may have let them down in the past with your attitude or with a relapse. Continue to display grace and dignity in your relationships so they can see that you want to have a healthier relationship. With each day of sobriety, you will continue to show them that you mean business with turning over a new leaf.

Be of service

Seeking a relationship with your loved ones means that you should be helpful to them when the opportunity arises. Obviously, you do not want to bend over backwards in a people pleasing kind of way, but you should show them that you want to be a part of their life in a different capacity now that you are sober.  

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