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Ways That Journaling Can Help in Recovery

Jan 10, 2018 | Recovery, Wellness

Journaling is a great way to write your successes, fears, desires, and pain. Taking everything down on a piece of paper can be a transformational by unlocking things from the inside to gain a different perspective on the outside.

Writing in a journal is a type of expressive writing that is different from trying to write a something like an essay or a story. The process of pen to paper helps keep yourself accountable to your goals, your emotions, your to-do-list, or anything else you scribble down. Getting into a habit of writing can be the most inexpensive therapy you can find.


Helps with getting to know yourself.


If you write in your element without trying to gain anybody’s approval and without being ashamed to write down the secrets that might be difficult verbalize somewhere else, you can see yourself on paper. Digging into your writing realm can help start the process of really getting to know yourself on the inside out.


Helps sort out emotions that cannot be resolved by thinking.


Your brain might have all sorts of ideas swimming around in it. Putting these ideas on paper, can organize all your erratic thoughts to get some better clarity and solution. By exploring the right side of your brain, better insight might transpire that would not come from a irrational thought process.


Helps with gratitude.


List out the things you are thankful for. Some days it may seem impossible to write out these praises, but once you can get through a few, then you might be surprised how much your attitude changes with writing down what you are grateful for.


Helps with setting goals.


Writing out your inspiration no matter how small or how large, can put your dreams into motion. Let your goals go free by letting them surface on a much bigger plane. Throw them out into the universe by handwriting them in a notebook to see how far they will go.


Helps with healing.


Journaling is a form of self-care that can be essential in helping get rid of old wounds that just will not seem to go away. Feelings can be released by the healing properties of putting a pen to paper.

      • Improves communication skills.


  • Arouses mindfulness.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Promotes honesty.


Getting an emotional connection to yourself through journaling can bring out self-esteem and self-discovery that might not have been brought to the surface before. You can find a less critical and non-judgmental process of expressing yourself in this manner. Get a journal and just start writing. Happy journaling!

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