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Jayson Williams: Rebounding in Recovery

Jayson Williams: Rebounding in Recovery

Aug 13, 2018 | Drug Addiction, Recovery

From covering up the shooting of his limo driver to allegations of abusing his wife to drunk driving, Jayson William has had his share of consequences caused by his addiction to alcohol. After years of beating himself up with substance abuse, in 2016 Williams finally saw the light into recovery.

Jayson Williams is known as a charismatic fellow with a wonderful sense of humor who started his road to fame when he was drafted into the NBA in 1990. His career eventually led him to play in an all-star game with the likes of Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant. This highlight of his career would not keep him flying high as the demise of his fun-loving persona would be diminished with what happened next after his retirement from the NBA.

Williams killed his limo driver when he was showing the driver his shotgun which he thought was unloaded. Instead the gun fatally went off in William’s hands who then tried to cover up the truth of the situation. He wiped off the gun, jumped in his pool, asked his friends to get rid of his clothes, and to lie to keep the police from knowing what happened. While trying to dodge the police and the court system with the death of the limo driver, his life continued to spiral out of control. He eventually was found guilty and served 27 months in prison when he plead guilty to aggravated assault in 2010. Before serving his time, however, he crashed his car into a utility pole while intoxicated that added an extra year to his sentence.

After his release from prison in 2012, Jayson Williams tried to battle his addiction for the next four years. Once again, he was arrested for drunk driving in New York which became his rock bottom into recovery. He moved to South Beach to undergo treatment for his addiction to alcohol and has stayed sober since his rehab stint 31 months later. His regiment today consists of recovery and being of service to those who need help from addiction. Williams founded the Rebound Institute that has been instrumental in helping those who need help getting clean and sober including other athletes who have struggled just like Williams.

Getting sober is never too late for anyone who wants it. Jayson Williams led the league in rebounds back in the 1997-1998 season and continues to rebound in his sobriety. One of his main focuses is on rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol which lets him give people who need a hand with an alley oop.  

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