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It’s Time to Learn About the Brain Boosting Power of that First Year Sober

It’s Time to Learn About the Brain Boosting Power of that First Year Sober

Sep 25, 2018 | Addiction, Sobriety

That first year of sobriety is a real kicker, in that it takes everything in your power to keep moving forward. Once that first year goes by, it seems like your life comes into greater focus with more clarity and motivation than ever before. All the positive results in your mind and body are not just in your head. The first year is really a challenge, but passing that mark produces significant mental health benefits, including improved brain function.

The Reward Goes To…

The impetus to keep going in spite of the challenges year one of sobriety brings is looming large. When you work to consider the real reward of being sober for that first year, you may not consider some of these less tangible, but nonetheless important rewards:

  • Leaving the past behind. The first month or so is filled with clear cut expectations. Quick, heal, hope, seems to be the trajectory for everyone. Once the basics are covered, you are almost on your own. This kind of checklist is easier in theory than practice. By taking it day by day, you can learn a healthy regimen and focus on letting go.
  • Make a mental shift. Going from survival mode to proactivity takes practice because the brain wants to survive in the moment. Even in constant survival mode can be taxing during the recovery process. After being sober for a year, the weight will be lifted from your shoulders and you’ll be left feeling accomplished and at peace. There are always going to be challenges, cravings, and triggers. With time, their power over you weakens and you’ll trust yourself in the process.
  • Cut bad habits out for good. The first year of sobriety is an eye-opening experience. Even if you learn about yourself and your habits, you may not realize the issues you had until you stopped to re-examine them with sober eyes. After being sober, you are more equipped than ever to tackle those bad habits and start getting on the path to healing.
  • No more complacency. It is one of the most dangerous things to do in addiction recovery. While it is important to make a shift from survival mode into a one-day-at-a-time mentally, it is important to make this shift one small step at a time. You may no longer think you need those resources and support offered your way but you need them more now than ever. Don’t get complacent just because the first year is past, but you likely will find your needs shift as you grow in recovery.

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