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Is There Instant Gratification in Recovery?

Is There Instant Gratification in Recovery?

Jul 23, 2018 | QA, Recovery

With the send button on your phone and a click with your computer mouse, you have probably gotten used to getting what you want when you want it. Technology has shown you the effect of instant gratification and if you have abused drugs and alcohol, you have experienced some instant gratification in numbing out. Once you get sober and start working in your recovery, the first thing you are probably hoping for is instant gratification.

The thing with recovery is there are definite ups and downs as with life. Changing certain aspects in your life can be quite difficult without the usual affects you get from drugs and alcohol. There are, however, some ways you can gain instant gratification in recovery.


Once you stop drinking and using you will finally be sober. You have made one of the best decisions of your life to stop abusing drugs and alcohol along with not abusing yourself any longer.


People who abuse drugs and alcohol usually lose the backing of their loved ones because they feel like they can no longer cosign the addictive behaviors that are being displayed. Going to a 12-Step meeting or another type of support group will ensure that you find people who will reach out to you immediately and invest in your recovery.


By finding your way into recovery, there will be a better way for you to live if you follow the solution that is presented to you. Although the results of your actions can take some time to come to fruition, the solution for recovery can be lived instantaneously.


Your Higher Power is waiting for you to connect to your own conception. Some people fight this process tooth and nail. If you take a chance right away to understand that you are not really in control, you will see things change in a much better way.


Putting your hand out to help someone else can begin as soon as you want. You may think that you have nothing to offer anyone else although you really do. Showing up to a meeting, smiling at someone, and sharing your experience, strength, and hope are all ways that you can receive some instant gratification with your service.

You can see that recovery has many ways to receive instant gratification. The best thing you can do for your recovery though is to stick around and see what long-term payoff you will gain by learning how to stay sober in recovery.

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