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Is Recovery Based on Determination and Willpower?

Jan 17, 2018 | QA, Recovery

A universal catch phrase that you will hear in 12-Step programs is, “I do not drink no matter what”, also known as the “No Matter What Club”. Joining the club may seem like a great choice, but getting to that point in your sobriety may seem unrealistic because the obsession to drink or use may not have been lifted yet, causing you great strife in sobriety. You may have quit cold-turkey and continue to white knuckle your recovery. Deciding what is enough to stay sober is important to consider since willpower and determination should be the starting point of your recovery.

Addiction does not discriminate as it will take anyone under its command. A normal misconception is that lack of willpower makes an addiction commence. Although you may be intelligent, practical, and hard-working, addiction can happen to anyone. Making the decision to give up drugs and alcohol is the first step that takes a considerable amount of willpower and determination to get through even the first day. Building on top of that leap of faith using recovery tools, can make your recovery efforts even stronger.

Since addiction is considered a chronic brain disease, willpower and determination solo can be faulty in staying sober. With any disease, a lifestyle change must ensue to be able to control the symptoms. Managing the disease of addiction is better by knowledge, support, and having the ability to cope. Taking responsibility for your own sobriety will only work for you if you combine determination and willpower with these other elements of recovery.

Having a plan of action during the times of temptations, can be considered a plan of willpower and determination. Acknowledging that drugs and alcohol should be removed from the equation can help with the success of recovery. Self-discipline increases by walking through emotional situations without numbing the feelings that may be uncomfortable to experience. Recovery will give you a chance at bettering yourself from the rewards that come from willpower and determination.

Keeping somebody sober from willpower and determination alone, will rarely be enough. Having self-discipline in early recovery combined with other components, can be the basis to follow through with long-term recovery goals. Addiction may be a hard hit to take, but in order to overcome it, you should take the necessary steps to impact your life to instigate willpower and determination.

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