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Is My Loved One Ready for an Intervention?

Is My Loved One Ready for an Intervention?

Aug 14, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, QA

There comes a time in addiction when you will want to take a stance of enough is enough. For some that may mean they will need to cut that person with the addiction completely off to protect themselves. With others, they may feel inclined to seek help from a professional to guide them through the steps that they need to tell the addicted person in their life that they will no longer watch them suffer in their substance abuse.

If you have chosen the intervention route with your loved one who is struggling with an addiction, you have chosen a loving method to hopefully propel them to get them on their feet in recovery.  Having an intervention is no small feat. Interventions are strategically planned with the help of an interventionist to gauge the addicted loved one in a manner, so they can hear your final plea to get sober. For some, recovery will fall on deaf ears. For others, they are willing to take the chance to stop the insanity and do something different than abuse drugs and alcohol.

Most people who have an addiction loathe the word “intervention” because they know what is up next. Until you take the chance of holding an intervention, you will never really know if they are ready for intervention. You will have to decide for them, especially if they are killing themselves slowly.

Get educated.

If you get the intuition that you need to help your loved one, do it. Call a professional interventionist, or even a counselor, and share your story. They can give you their insight on what your next action should be and what will need to happen to stage an intervention.

Get your bottom lines.

For an intervention to work, you will have to present to your loved one what will happen if they do not get sober. This may include financial, residential, occupational, or personal consequences depending on how you may be enabling them in their addiction. You will have to get really honest to figure out in what areas they can still function in their addiction with the resources that you are permitting them to have.

Get serious.

Once you lay out your bottom line to them, you will have to hold yourself accountable to own them. If you were to say, for example, that you were not going to give them money any longer while they are drinking or using, you would have to stick to that statement and not provide them with any financial assistance. By continuing to concede to their demands, you will only prolong them getting the help they need and give them power over you.

Interventions work when everyone shows up and follow directions. You can give your loved one the greatest gift of all with assistance into sobriety and letting them know that you will support them ongoing in their recovery.

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