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Is Marijuana Addictive?

Oct 9, 2017 | Drug Addiction, QA

Marijuana, known more for its slang terms of weed, pot, ganja, herb, and Mary Jane, has been part of an ongoing debate. The inquisition asks – is marijuana addictive? The answer to this question is either dismissed by specific groups or frequently answered no due to the statistics being lower in becoming addicted to marijuana than that of illicit drugs or alcohol. The fact of the matter is marijuana is a mind-altering drug because of its THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content. Marijuana also creates withdrawal in some people when used, which makes it considered to be addicting. Especially since marijuana, also known by its scientific classification genus of cannabis, when grown these days is at least two times stronger than that of what was grown 20 years ago because of the potency in different strains.

According the National Institute on Drug Abuse statistics, one in eleven people will become addicted to marijuana. In teens, the statistics increase significantly with one in six chances of becoming dependent on marijuana. Addiction in teens is much more susceptible because their brains are not fully developed yet making them more sensitive to the hooks of THC. Teens are ten times more likely to become addicted than adults are.

Something else needs to be contemplated regarding marijuana use since it is still not regulated by the FDA and still illegal federally. Marijuana can be laced with other types of psychoactive drugs. This practice can be dangerous for users that think they are only consuming straight weed. Psychoactive drugs generate psychoactive effects that lead people to other addictions or bring about emotional issues that stem from the mixture of THC and other drugs.

Marijuana is mainly used for its medicinal benefits and attributes for relaxation, but like anything else that produces a wonderful effect by using it in abundance, can make the odds higher that an addiction will ensue. This gateway drug is considered to be the lesser of all drugs, but it can become an issue with anyone who is predisposed to addiction.

If marijuana is causing harm to your personal relationships, your job, or anything that is important to you, then you just may be in the ten percent of people that are more vulnerable to marijuana addiction. There are other coping mechanisms that can be of more use to you than just smoking pot.

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