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Is Love Addiction a Real Condition?

Is Love Addiction a Real Condition?

Aug 28, 2018 | Addiction, QA

“All you need is love” is a song that the Beatles sang in the late 1960’s that continues to interpret the same emotion that people still think is all they need in the late 2010’s. Love is an everyday emotion that makes people feel good knowing that they are adored which can lead them to become addicted to love. People who are addicted to love are simply addicted to the feeling that they get when they believe they are in love. They will go to any lengths to keep the feeling of love alive which may lead them to compulsive behaviors to achieve it.  

People who are looking for love are in search of the fireworks with kisses, butterflies in the stomach, or the new firsts in a relationship that cause overwhelming excitement. This “magic” may work at first due to the physical and mental reactions in the body. Love actually relies on the complex process involving hormones and neurotransmitters to keep the feeling going once the initial thrill goes away.

Someone with a love addiction is in constant pursuit of keeping the buzz of “first love” viable. They will move from person to person in quest of staying in love. Instead of being alone, they are on the consistent hunt to find “the one”. The symptoms of a love addiction are usually pretty standard although some will fluctuate depending on the person and the severity of their condition.

  • On a constant quest to find a romantic companion
  • Difficulty spending time alone
  • Choosing harmful partners
  • Using sex as a tool to keep their interest
  • Unable to differentiate between sex and love
  • Thriving in chaotic relationships
  • Desperate when single or without a date
  • Isolating from loved ones to spend time with a fling
  • Picking inappropriate relationships to compensate for loneliness

Treatment options are available to those who need guidance on how to change the behaviors that are causing them more harm them good. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has been effective to work through the issues that have caused the love addiction to form. Love and Sex Addicts Anonymous (LSAA) also gives support to like-minded individuals by using the 12-Steps to avoid the compulsion to engage in sex, love, or emotional attachment.

Love addiction is not named a clinical disorder although there are formal rehabilitation programs that offer treatment which are limited compared to addiction or mental health facilities. Finding a therapist or a LSAA meeting can help someone who should fall out of love with falling in love.

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