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Is Everyone Addicted to Something?

Dec 26, 2017 | QA, Recovery

Everywhere you turn you will hear someone stating that they are addicted to this or addicted to that. There is no real research that shows that everyone is addicted to something, just the percentage of people that are addicted to singular widespread addictions, such as drugs, alcohol, food, and gambling, or someone who might have a dual-diagnosis of some sort.

You might listen to someone affirm that they are addicted to binge-watching TV or movies, to exercising, or even crafting. Most people use the term “addicted” to imply that they are embarrassed by what they are doing and being addicted is used as scapegoat terminology to make sure that people will not judge them. The truth of the matter is that most people like to say they are addicted to something. What they really mean to say is that they overly enjoy something that they may assume others are looking down on them for.

People that seem to have it all together and under control can win the confidence of other people by using terms as “addicted”, “guilty pleasure”, or proclaim, “I just cannot help myself”.  This will show that they do indeed have certain weaknesses, and that they are a human that does not have complete restraint over everything. While these people only mean to justify their quirky behaviors, it may water down the people who are actually crying out for help.

People do get addicted to things all the time when the brain gets a feeling from a substance or an activity that the it remembers. Addiction is a very serious condition that takes usually takes intensive care to be able to treat it. Frequently people with an addiction can pull the wool over the eyes of many people. Addiction, however, is a life and death matter that cannot be completely identifiable on the outside to other people, although the inside may be dying enough to lead someone to unknowingly overdose.    

When the term “addicted” is merely used to justify what the person considers enjoyment to the excess and there is no real addiction and no negative consequences – own it. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Congratulate yourself on finding something that you really enjoy and keep doing it.

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