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Is Cocaethylene Dangerous?

Is Cocaethylene Dangerous?

Jun 18, 2018 | Addiction, QA

Mixing drugs and alcohol can produce dangerous side effects and increase the risk of overdose or death. Most people are unaware of the consequences that happen when they drink and use drugs simultaneously or care more about the high they get then worry about the repercussion that they will face. Not too many individuals that consume both do the research on what actually will happen to them until it is too late.

A person that ingests cocaine and drinks alcohol, for example, will develop yet a third-drug within their body that is just as perilous as the other two drugs. Cocaethylene is a toxic compound that is formed in the liver from the coadministration of cocaine and ethanol. The production of cocaethylene is the only third party drug that the body is known to generate along with a highly euphoric sensation that is more enhanced and lasts longer than that of cocaine or alcohol. The effects also cause more exposure to seizures, liver damage, immune deficiencies, and higher heart rates.

Someone that uses cocaine while drinking is typically trying to reverse the impact that alcohol induces as a depressant. Instead of feeling tired and tipsy with alcohol, cocaine can wake a person up so that they can drink in larger amounts and for longer periods of time. On the other hand, cocaine is absorbed at higher rates with the use of alcohol that will increase the peak concentration of around 20 percent more. The pleasurable efficacy become even more profound once cocaethylene hits the bloodstream with the continuation of mixing cocaine and alcohol. A person may begin to exhibit impulsive behaviors which can cause heedlessness in them that can eventually turn deadly.

The production of cocaethylene typically begins around two hours after cocaine and alcohol coalesce in the liver. Alcohol decreases the metabolization process of cocaine which in turn lowers the percentage of cocaethylene being eliminated in the body. Cocaethylene toxins then begins to build up making the liver unable to dispose of them quick enough. The toxins stay in the body three times longer than that of cocaine. Having too much cocaethylene can cause the heart to become less inept to contract when it should and cause sudden death.   

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