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Is Botox a Good Alternative for Pain Management?

Is Botox a Good Alternative for Pain Management?

May 21, 2018 | QA, Wellness

Botulinum toxin has been described as one of the most poisonous substances known to man due to contraction of the severe illness of botulism when exposed to large quantities of it. On the other hand, botulinum toxin has been proven to help people with pain management in a small concentration known as Botox. This magic treatment has become in high demand for cosmetic procedures as well as a sought out medical procedure used for excessive sweating, overactive bladder, muscle spasms, and migraines.

Botox has become a therapeutic protein that has added some value to people’s lives. Yes, some individuals may have less wrinkled and younger looking skin, but for many more people there have been over 20 medical conditions that have been shown to be treated with Botox for relief including pain management. This solution requires a doctor to inject the botulinum toxin serotype E around the muscle of the pained area to temporarily paralyze the tissue for up to two to four weeks.

Once Botox has been injected, the targeted area is the only part of the body that is affected. Instead of altering the brain in anyway, the nerve signals are blocked to the rest of the body to only alleviate the distressed area. This means that the pain management can be provided without the risk of addiction taking place. With the opioid crisis taking place in the United States, Botox could provide an alternative to pain medication that could keep people who need help from unknowingly getting addicted to the pharmaceuticals that have been prescribed by doctors to mitigate their pain issues.

The biotech firm, Bonti, is making efforts to find an answer to the opioid crisis through a technology that is like the applied science of Botox. Instead of taking a pill every 24 hour that could be dependent forming and change the chemistry of the brain, the person would receive a non-opioid, pain-relieving neurotoxin injection in the area around the muscle. The doctor injecting the botulinum toxin serotype E would focus on the relieving the specific areas of pain allowing fewer doses along with a no risk of addiction.

Botox treatments that are to replace opioids are still in the testing phase but are expected to reach the market in approximately four years. While there is still much work to be done to get to the heart of the opioid crisis, the advancements that are expected within administering pain medication could be influential in keeping people from getting unnecessarily addicted to drugs.

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