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Is Alcohol or Cannabis More Harmful?

Feb 15, 2018 | QA

The debate of whether alcohol or cannabis is more harmful has been a perpetual question for decades on decades. The country is still divided on deciding if marijuana should be legalized. Since the 1930’s, marijuana has been classified as a schedule one controlled substance by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) that has kept it illegal for all uses including medicinal.  

As far as the physical effects that alcohol and marijuana have on an individual, there are more reports of fatalities by alcohol abuse than there are about cannabis. There is little doubt and a ton of research to prove that alcohol is the most destructive drug in the world since it is considered to be 114 times deadlier than any other drug. In 2012, the World Health Organization stated that were over 3 million deaths alone due to drinking alcohol. Marijuana pales into comparison to those statistics of alcohol, however marijuana is still a mind-altering substance that can be addicting in some people.

The difference between an alcohol addiction and a cannabis addiction is that alcohol completely deteriorates the body the longer and harder one drinks. Alcohol has had continuous reports of deaths, injuries, cancer, overdoses, and a variety of other maladies that are caused by the over-indulgence of alcohol. While marijuana can be addicting to some, it is not as injurious or fatal as alcohol. In fact, to overdose on cannabis, one would have to ingest a thousand percent more of a single dose to get to that point.  

Both drugs are dangerous when it comes to driving under the influence which must not be overlooked. Although you hear more about drunk driving, driving under the influence of marijuana is just as threatening in the exact same way. Being impaired while driving puts so many of the lives of others in harm’s way, as well as the person that is driving. Alcohol and weed both jeopardize balance and coordination and take away the ability to make sound decisions for someone’s well-being. Being drunk or high leads to more risky behaviors that includes driving under the influence and unprotected sex.

While both drugs have their positive and negative points, alcohol is more harmful than cannabis on many different levels. The one thing that should be a definite, is that driving under the influence of any mind-altering substance should be discouraged to anyone anywhere. Take a cab, get an Uber, or use a designated driver to help keep the roads safe.





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