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Inside the Alcoholic Mind

If you are recovering from alcoholism or even if you are still drinking alcoholically, you know exactly what it means to have an alcoholic mind. The most baffling part to those who cannot understand addiction, is how someone who is alcoholic can continue to drink even with the high consequences that typically occur.

When alcohol in any amount is consumed by someone who is addicted to it, an obsession takes over their mind that keeps them wanting more and more at any cost. Someone who does not get an obsession from drinking alcohol, might think that if they would just stop drinking that would do the trick. This will not work for someone who battles alcoholism. They cannot stop drinking or they would. Their brain is filled with distorted thinking and an imperious urge that one wishes they could just will away, but continues to be unsuccessful.

This obsession tells the person who is addicted to alcohol that they are not drunk enough yet, all the while they are slurring, stumbling, and falling because alcohol affects the brain in a way that slows down the motor skills. While the world sees a sloppy drunk, the person that has an over-abundance of alcohol in their bloodstream feels like they are invincible and can continue to drink, even if they are in a complete blackout, until they pass out.

The next morning when they wake up, they will most likely feel remorse for what they did the night before or feel remorse for not remembering at all. To be inside the mind of a person who abuses alcohol would be a quite chilling place to be because it is full of shame, guilt, and aberration that cannot usually be contained until that first drink goes down the hatch.  

An alcoholic brain will decide that it cannot go on like this anymore and that was to be their last drunk. Somewhere in the next hours though, the brain will talk the person into start drinking again. The battle of “no, I should not”, to “I can have just one to make me feel better, but only one” will begin. And with that yo-yo mentality, the insidious cycle begins all over again and they may feel relief for a short-lived moment when they finally cave into their addiction.

Most people need help to stop the insanity of alcoholism. By getting the help you need, you can finally live in a better way that does not revolve around trying to continuously tame the beast of your addiction.

Serenity Oaks Wellness Center can help you or someone you know that is struggling with drugs and alcohol to learn how to stay sober. Our 12-Step aspects and holistic therapy can help you to understand your addiction to live the life you were meant to in recovery.

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