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5 Ways to Identify Anger

Dec 22, 2017 | Mental Health, Recovery

Anger is human response to signal something is wrong with what is going on. This may lead you to use anger to direct you to assist someone else in need in a controlled manner, or it can lead you to have a full-on reaction that can be unhealthy and hurtful to your well-being. Identifying anger through a few different responses can be instrumental in getting you the help you need to embrace healthy confrontation.


The Physical Response


One of the best indications to show you if you are angry or not, is the physical symptoms of anger. These are different for everyone. Shortness of breath, constriction of shoulders, chest, and stomach, heart palpitations, or having your face flush, can all be signs to show that your blood is boiling.


The Emotional Response


Paying attention to what you are feeling can help you to stop being angry before the emotions even start. If you are already annoyed, irritated, inconvenienced, or inpatient, you may be well on your way to becoming angry if things continue to not go your way. Knowing that you are feeling one of these emotional expressions that can start the domino effect of anger, might help you recognize them a little bit quicker.


The Disproportionate Response


When small frustrating situations happen, you may fly off the handle in reaction to something else. Breaking things, threatening others, or even injuring someone is totally disproportionate to whatever is going on in your fit of anger. If you start being destructive, you may need to take a step back and get back to being reasonable.


The Long-Lasting Response


Lengthy, intense, and incessant outbursts are a sign that anger is ruling your roust. If your anger is interfering with your quality of life and the others around you, then you probably need to look at how your anger is affecting you, especially if you are putting others at risk.


The Blaming Response


When you accuse others when something goes wrong, you can set your anger into motion from zero to sixty. This is where the emotional response can go into effect because when a situation is someone else’s fault, it can be annoying, inconvenient, and all the other emotional responses that come up when someone else angers you. If this is the case, look at your part in the situation and take responsibility for your own actions.

Anger surfaces because you have emulated habitual anger responses that you have trained into your subconscious over the years of your life. If you are ready to respond differently to your outlook, establishing a new perspective can help pattern your inner self by changing the way you view anger.

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