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I am a Newlywed and Newly Sober. How Do I Deal with My In-Laws?

I am a Newlywed and Newly Sober. How Do I Deal with My In-Laws?

Jul 24, 2018 | QA, Sobriety

The age-old battle with the in-laws has been around for centuries. There are endless jokes about in-laws, especially an overbearing mother-in-law, which are often true. Blending two families together that have different ways of coexisting with each other could mean friction in many obtuse situations. Someone that just got sober and just got married could have a really difficult time navigating these unfamiliar areas of their life without drinking or using over it, but there are ways to handle yourself better.

Practice the principles

Living by spiritual principles can make a huge difference in how you get along with others. If you remain patience, kind, and loving no matter what anyone says or does, you can heed better results with your in-laws. Even if your in-laws have to be right, you can let them be right. Instead of trying to regulate everything that is not in your control, you can take a much easier direction by going with the flow.

Treat them like newcomers

Even though you may be a newcomer yourself, also treating them like they are newcomers will give you no choice than to treat them with respect. When a newcomer comes into recovery they are surrounded with nonjudgmental kindness. Extending that to your in-laws would not only be the compassionate thing to do, but you would also be showing respect to your new spouse by getting along his family that is now your family as well.

Work out your personal issues

There are tons of tools that can help you get to the bottom of what you are feeling. Your disdain could stem from them reminding you of someone else that has wronged you in the past or an issue you have not been ready to pinpoint until now. Use your recovery tools to your advantage because you can work out those issues with some guidance from your sponsor or therapist.

To start off your marriage and your sobriety on the right foot, try to get along with the people who are most likely going to stay in your life until death do you part. You can use all the support you can get to succeed in your relationship and in your recovery one day at a time.

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