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How to Obliterate Old Ideas

Feb 13, 2018 | Mental Health, Recovery

The thoughts that you have when you are deep into your addiction are usually of negative and insecure undertones. For you to be successful in your recovery, it is imperative to find new coping skills to help implement more pensive results.

Practice new ideas

To change from your old ideas, you must practice your new ones of the recovery variety. Practicing anything that you are inexperienced with is vital to assure that you will get into the habit of doing something different. The process may take a little while to come full circle, so be patient and you will reap the rewards.

Run your ideas past someone first

Trying to figure out if what you are doing is productive may take another person’s impartial point of view. Sometimes just saying out loud what is in your head can immediately give you an understanding of whether the concept is valuable or not. Find someone that you trust and has your best intentions at heart to get some feedback to help aid your judgement.

Pause and really think about it

Sometimes taking into consideration for what you are about to embark on, can help you make better decisions in your recovery. Jumping the gun on reactions, emotions, or behaviors can save you from having to make reparations for certain incidents later. Having a little breathing space in between your thoughts and actions can make all the difference you need to move forward with your new and improved solutions.

Do something different

There is the old recovery saying, “Your thoughts follow your actions. Not the other way around.” This means if you do negative things, then you will have negative thoughts. If you do positive things, then you will have positive thoughts because you cannot just magically think your way into positive action. Being hands on with affirmative activity will take your thoughts into a more improved fashion.

Change your thought patterns

Learning to think about other things may seem near impossible. Thinking about something other than yourself may be a foreign concept. Mindfulness, hobbies, physical activity, and being of service to someone else in need can be just the thing to keep your mind on point.

The coping skills that you once relied on will have to change to along with your thoughts.

Retraining your brain to think differently in your recovery can take some effort on your part and will be well worth it in the long run.





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