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How to Normalize Your Sobriety

How to Normalize Your Sobriety

Nov 16, 2018 | Addiction, Sobriety

Perhaps right now you are making aftercare plans at the alcohol addiction rehab or the drug addiction rehab where you’ve spent the last 28 days. At first you didn’t even want to go there—you didn’t need addiction recovery, right? Maybe you knew you needed to go, but the thought of spending 28 days with strangers, while you faced an addiction, seemed overwhelming and scary.

Here you are ready to leave the rehab, and the reversal could be true. That is, you don’t want to leave this safe environment. You’ve made close friends, shared your hopes, dreams, fears, regrets and shame with them. The thought of walking out into the world feels frightening. The fear you’re feeling may be the fear of the unknown, but your counselor is not going to let you down. You’ve spent a lot of time working on your coping skills, you know what meeting you are going to attend the minute you arrive home, and you’ve lined up a therapist.

You’ve gotten yourself sober. You had that courage, and you can find the courage to take the next big step towards normal living. Is there really any such thing as normal living, normal people, normal employment, and fairness, and opportunities? You’ve heard people say, it’s all what you make of it. You can leave the rehab by starting out with an attitude of gratitude.

Try to experience each sober moment. I’m on the plane flying home now. The flight attendant is offering drinks. I don’t need one, and I don’t want one! The plane lands. My girlfriend is waiting for me outside the gate. I can choose not to feel ashamed about where I’ve been. I can choose to be proud of what I’ve accomplished, my perspective, how valuable life is now, how grateful I am that she is there smiling at me. The airport is hectic and noisy. I can focus on my breathing.

I already have a list of my priorities for sober living, and I remind myself that I have choices. I can look for a new position, but I don’t have to rush. I don’t have to please everyone anymore, and, I can be kind. I’m not perfect. I’m going to make mistakes. Love, kindness, generosity, gratitude, acceptance are values I hold dear.

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