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How to Move Onward with Resentments

Feb 21, 2018 | Mental Health, Recovery

People that are stuck in the past keep reliving the things that could have happened months, even years ago. Not letting go of the things of yesteryear can really put a damper on moving forward due to the resentments that keep recurring. The word resentment is usually misunderstood especially with its relevance in keeping someone from getting and staying sober.

The word “resentment” can have a broad terminology. Many people associate resentment purely with anger. There is so much more that can be revealed from one’s resentments. Annoyed, inconvenienced, upset, or feeling let down can all define what a resentment really is. The problem with holding onto resentments is that someone will keep repeatedly experiencing the same emotions which can become counterproductive. Resentment is made up of the prefix “re” which means “again” and the Latin root word “sentir”, which means “to feel”. By breaking down the word in these basic terms, the person that has a resentment will feel anger, annoyance, inconvenience, upset, or let down over and over until they finally work out the resentment within themselves. Most people, unfortunately, are unsure how to work out the resentment and have no inclination on how to move onward.

It is vital for people who are struggling with addiction to get some clarity on how to alleviate themselves from the resentments that have become dangerous for their recovery time and again. The resentments materialize and instead of facing them head on, they stay stuck creating a constant negativity to the subject of the resentment at hand.

Once someone starts looking at their resentments to let go of them, the main objective is to feel their emotions to process them and move on. While anger is a major component of resentment, there is usually more emotion that is attached to the resentment. It is okay to feel sad or disappointed with the people, places, and things in life. In fact, it is recommended to let those pesky feelings out, instead of suppressing them any longer. The freedom that can be initially felt, can be followed by a sense of relief.

There can being a healthy healing process that can take place when an individual is ready to move on from their resentments by liberating the ones that have been contained longer than they needed to be. Human nature renders endless resentments. Learning how to deal with them as they come up, will keep you well-equipped to interact with the rest of the world and keep you moving onward.






Serenity Oaks Wellness Center can assist you, or someone you know who is struggling with drugs to move onward in their sobriety. Learning to rid yourself of resentments can help you to adorn your soul in recovery.

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