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How to Keep My Job with My Addiction

Apr 27, 2018 | Drug Addiction, Recovery

Overcoming your addiction without losing your career may be something that you worry about quite frequently. You are probably tired of trying to juggle the stresses of your job and maintain everything that comes along with hiding an addiction from your boss. The biggest concern you may have is losing what you worked so hard for especially because of how long it took you to climb up the corporate ladder to get to where you are today. You probably know that you need help, but are unsure of where to turn because of how in-depth your addiction has become. Your outlook makes you think that you will get fired or demoted if they found out your secret – that you are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  

Looking back in hindsight, you can see where your addiction has kept you from being the employee that your boss deserves, although you have not been caught for anything yet. Tardies, absences, bad attitude due to a hangover, or drinking on the job are getting closer to catching up to you. The question that you have been asking yourself is how do I keep my job and get help?

Asking for help through your job may seem scary since you probably feel guilty for taking advantage of your boss which may in return give you your walking papers. Going to your HR department and letting them know what you are going through can give you a much better chance at keeping your job then waiting until they come to you asking for answers about your professional behavior. Being an asset to your company will give them a reason to want to help you in a time of need. While you may be known in a professional sense, most companies will aid their employees during personal crisis.

  • Many companies have Employee Assistance Programs that can offer abetman during times of addiction. You should look into the programs that your company provides by inquiring within.
  • If you qualify, this would be an opportune time to look in the Family and Medical Leave Act. Addiction is medically considered a disease and falls under the category of a mental health problem.

The benefits that you have worked so hard for are there for an exact time like this. Asking for help will be in the best interest of keeping your job, as well as getting sober to become a better employee.

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