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How Do You Enlarge Your Spirituality?

How Do You Enlarge Your Spirituality?

Jul 26, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, QA

Change is inevitable for a person who decides to get sober. One of the suggestions when working the Steps in a 12-Step program is learning how to enlarge someone’s spiritual life. Sometimes figuring out what to do with the spiritual part of a recovery program can be daunting to someone who has not ever had a spiritual connection before. The most important thing you can do is try connecting to a Higher Power that is derived from your own conception of a power greater than yourself. Finding this power within yourself may blow your mind, but you can do it.

Go for it

Figure out what you want to connect to first. There needs to be no religious affiliation if that is not your gig. People who are not religious also have incredible relationships with their Higher Power. By using the waves of the ocean, music, or the people in their home group meeting, they have been able to connect spiritually to their recovery. You should just give it a try so that you can reap the benefits of turning your will over to a power that is greater than you.

Get a routine

Whether you pray, meditate, or follow a devotion, putting action into trying to connect can mellow you out nevertheless. Set a certain time of the day allotted to connecting to your Higher Power and use your time wisely. The more time spent will better develop the spiritual relationship that can keep your attitude having higher morals and standards.

Grow your faith

You may think it is ridiculous to put trust into something that you may not be able to touch or understand. Though the tangibility may be an issue, having faith in something else can take the pressure off yourself to believe in something much bigger. Letting go of control make take some time. Take as big or as small of strides that make you feel comfortable because this your relationship with your Higher Power.

Ask questions

Talking to a sponsor or therapist may cause you to discern the relationship with your Higher Power much easier. With any relationship, there could be confusion about how to perceive something that is new for you. Sharing about what this affinity means to you can help you gain new understanding on why having a Higher Power is important to your recovery.

The business of a Higher Power may not make any sense to you initially, but neither did getting sober. Trust the process and you will find relief in a Higher Power that can change your life.

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