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How the Eight Dimensions of Wellness Fit into a Recovery Plan

How the Eight Dimensions of Wellness Fit into a Recovery Plan

Aug 22, 2018 | Recovery, Wellness

Recovery is based on getting well mentally, spiritually, and physically which gets pretty mangled with drugs and alcohol. There are many aspects of your life that may seem out of whack from your substance abuse that you are trying to separate yourself from. After you have gained sobriety and are trying to maintain it, you will start getting indications of what you should do next to insure your chances of recovery. In doing so, you can use the eight dimensions of wellness as laid out by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) that can be instrumental in helping you stay sober indefinitely.


One of the best ways to help your emotions is to try to achieve emotional sobriety. By being helpful, considerate, and sober without reacting to how others behave can help you to manage your emotional wellness.


Having a safe place to live, work, and even relax in is crucial. The environmental factor of wellness is beneficial to someone’s quality of life and could be a reason to relapse if you are not comfortable where you are.


Understanding what your budget is and where you get your money from can cause the biggest stresses with where finances stand. Financial issues are one of the most common stressors that can keep you up at night and cause you to worry about your future.


Your brain needs stimulation to keep you engage in the moment. Social media and binge watching different shows lack the type of nurture that your brain desires. Try puzzles and reading to allow you brain to continue to do its job of collecting appropriate data.


You need to have a purpose in your daily life. Whether it is school, a job, or volunteering your time, can give you some valid meaning in your life by being productive.


Taking care of your body is a necessity since you only have one that is getting older each day. Going for a walk or stretching are ways that you can physically take care of yourself without overextending yourself.


Finding the support that fulfills your life with much needed companionship can give you the social connection that you need. Support groups that foster like-minded attitudes regarding your addiction are important to attend to help with your sobriety.


Your values and beliefs come from within and the best way to understand them is to partake in introspective activities that harbor a spiritual connection. You will see your recovery in a better light with the aid of a Higher Power that can lead in you in a better direction.

To maintain your recovery, you need to be as healthy as possible. By attempting to implement these eight dimensions into your day-to-day life can be the change that you need to achieve a certain level of wellness.

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