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How Methamphetamine Affects The Body

Sep 4, 2017 | Drug Addiction, Recovery

Methamphetamine is an extremely addictive substance that affects the body as well as the brain. As a matter of fact, the addictive properties of meth make it one of the most targeted drugs in the country today.

How Meth Works In The Body

Meth is a stimulant and it affects the brain, spinal cord, and central nervous system. It changes the way the body processes neurotransmitters, especially dopamine which gets released in large quantities when you use meth. Dopamine is associated with feelings of pleasure and reward, and creates a sense of euphoria in the user known as a “rush.” During this rush, heart rate, blood pressure, and libido increase an intense feeling of well-being.

How long does meth stay in the system? That depends on what you are taking. Generally speaking, the effects of meth wear out within a couple of days. During a meth binge, a post-rush phase known as “tweaking” can occur. This means that the euphoria meth causes is replaced with possible paranoia, irritability, hallucination, and delusion. Since meth quickly depletes the body’s dopamine supply, users can experience a period of depression or “crash.”

How Meth Affects The Brain And Nervous System

Chronic use of meth can permanently alter how the brain processes memories and emotions, leading to mood disturbances, paranoia, violent behavior, and symptoms consistent with psychosis. Long-term abuse of meth can also damage your motor skills.

How Quickly Meth Works

The speed with which meth works depends on the method of administration. If the drug is smoked or injected, it works very rapidly and the effects are felt immediately. However, if it is ingested orally, then the effects occur slower but tend to last longer.

How Long Meth’s Effects Last

This also depends on the method of administration. The effects of meth can last between four and eight hours, and residual effects may last as long as twelve hours. After effects of binge meth use can last for several days and can lead to meth cravings.

Does Meth Work For Everyone?

Like any other drug, not everyone who uses meth recreationally becomes addicted to it. However, meth has a high addictive potential. The crash that comes after a meth binge makes the person seek out more meth to relieve its negative effects. And as the person develops a tolerance to meth, he takes more and more of it.

Long term abuse of meth can take a great toll on the body and can cause skin lesions, tooth decay, and even a stroke or heart attack. Meth also increases one’s sex drive and decreases inhibition, so there is the added risk of sexually transmitted diseases. The dangerous side effects of an addiction to methamphetamine can certainly stack up, making it extremely important to address the substance addiction as early as possible with professional treatment and recovery solutions.


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