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How Long Does It Take to Feel Better in Recovery?

Sep 19, 2017 | QA, Treatment

There is no set time for feeling better in recovery. Depending on what you are recovering from plays a huge role in the timeframe. Drugs and alcohol can create a powerful addiction. Getting off the abused substance can create terrible withdrawal symptoms that could last up to months depending on the type of addiction. Irritability, depression, anxiety, cravings, and fatigue or insomnia can keep you from achieving any real sense of purpose in recovery.

Most likely you will have created some emotional baggage in the quandary of your addiction. The fear, resentments, and shame can continuously enter the mind until they have been dissolved. These types of feelings can continue to make you feel down.

Physical hangovers, mental hangovers, and spiritual hangovers can hold a person back in recovery. These hangovers can be resolved in recovery – sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. It is imperative to trust the process of recovery because patience may be all the difference in preventing relapse. To feel better in recovery is relative to what you are doing to change the behaviors you had in your addiction.

Get busy in recovery. You may have heard in 12-Step meetings “to put as much effort into your recovery as you did in your addiction!” If you try new things in recovery, it could be the insurance you need for long-term recovery. Work the steps. Call your sponsor. Be of service.

Give up fear for faith. Fear is a human trait that comes from within you. It usually delays recovery. To change fear, it takes a small amount of faith in something bigger than yourself to have comfort in whatever comes your way. If you want something you have never had, you must do something you have never done. This takes faith.

Get in touch with your inner child. Your inner child is the truest form of yourself. Many of the reasons you felt you needed to numb yourself stem from your inner child. It may not feel great at first, but investigating into the root of what damaged you in your formative years can result in a refined recovery.

Change your perspective. If you have put down mind-altering substances for a chance in recovery, you are going in a better direction. You should celebrate the good things you are doing in recovery!  You cannot think your way into right action, you must act your way into right thinking.

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