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How Families Come Together to Heal

How Families Come Together to Heal

Addiction is a family disease. The person with the addiction typically gets the full blame because they are the one that takes the actions that get the family into the problematic circumstances that arise. Even though loved ones are not responsible for the drinking and using part of the addiction, often times family members can unknowingly enable, criticize, or contribute negatively to an already adverse situation with no real intention of ill will. The role of the family definitely can have a function in the addiction, but the family can just as easily play a part in the recovery process.  

Knowledge is key

Understanding how addiction works can be hard to comprehend for someone who does not have an addiction themselves. Getting information about addiction can help the family determine what their next steps should be to get the addicted person the help that they need. Finding out about an intervention, rehab, or family counseling is a good starting point in recovery from addiction.  

Communication is key

Finding a common ground in lieu of the stress that addiction causes can be alleviated with the way the family members interact with one another. Instead of finger pointing and yelling, developing better articulation skills when dealing with some of the inimical feelings that each party may encounter in personal and therapeutic settings.      

Endurance is the key

An addiction is medically considered a disease which means that it is a disease that can return at any time because there is no cure for it. The only thing that can keep the disease of addiction in remission is the total abstinence of drugs and alcohol for someone who has a substance abuse disorder. Recovery should be perceived as a marathon rather than a sprint because having tenacity in a new sober lifestyle must acquire some longevity.

Support is key

For the family to heal, everyone that is close should get help for the anguish they felt before, during, and after the addiction. Family members must get support for their feelings and their part in the addiction for changes to be made ongoing. Nothing changes if nothing changes so if an addicted loved one comes back to the same situation, they have a higher chance of going right back to what they were doing then if some of the problems that occurred during the addiction were squashed.

The family in the aftermath of an addiction must change their ways if they wish to be part of the solution. Working together as a family unit will no doubt bring about the necessary healing that is a wonderful part of recovery.

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