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How Does One Beat A Marijuana Addiction?

Sep 6, 2017 | Drug Addiction, Treatment

Marijuana is not physically addictive in the way that opiates create bodily dependence, however it can be habit-forming. Psychological addiction only occurs in approximately 10% of the people who use it on a regular basis but long term abuse can cause a variety of physical and cognitive damage. If you or someone close to you is struggling with a marijuana addiction that you can’t break on your own, know that it is possible to break the cycle. You just have to ask for help.

Signs of a Marijuana Addiction

There are some common signs and symptoms of marijuana addiction, including:

  • Marijuana cravings
  • Feeling uncomfortable if not high
  • Hanging out only with people who smoke marijuana
  • Increasing doses over time
  • Losing control over intended use
  • Losing interest in family, school, work
  • Trying to quit using marijuana and failing

Are you or a loved one exhibiting any of these signs?

Treating Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction is treated in phases. The first phase is a detox, during which the body is rid of accumulated tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Some people experience milder symptoms of marijuana withdrawal, like headaches or nausea, that can be treated at home with over the counter medications. Heavy users are advised to seek medical assistance, especially for trouble with mood disorders and sleeping problems.

Behavioral and psychological therapies occur after detox. The purpose of these treatments is to help the individual maintain abstinence and adopt a healthy lifestyle. The most common behavioral treatments include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Motivational enhancement therapy
  • Contingency management

The main goal of these forms of psychotherapy is to identify the psycho-emotional reasons for marijuana use and the resolution of the same without the need for drug abuse. It’s important to learn the factors that led to addiction in order to avoid them in the future.

Where to Find Treatment

There are many options for someone to receive treatment for a marijuana addiction.

Addiction Treatment Centers: These could be both inpatient or outpatient clinics. Also known as rehab, these professional centers offer both behavioral and pharmacological treatment and follow up aftercare.

Detox Clinics: These clinics specialize in helping patients detox from drugs while treating the withdrawal symptoms and providing medical assistance when needed.

Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists: These specialists are trained in identifying and later treating drug addictions by means of behavioral treatments or psychotherapy.

Addiction support groups: Spending time talking to people who share your experience and offer mutual support and advice is beneficial for those who seek a drug free life.


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