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How Does Addiction Crush Your Dreams?

Jan 12, 2018 | Drug Addiction, QA

Addiction affects emotional, physical, and social changes in a person’s life. Struggling with addiction usually means that you are not functioning to your full potential. This makes it difficult to fulfill many important obligations and puts up a roadblock in achieving the goals you set for yourself.


Takes away your aspirations.


There are some addicts that seem to be more creative being under the influence, but they must be the exception to the rule. Most addicts make addiction their main concern and other things, such as hobbies, jobs, and relationships, will gradually fall by the waste side. You may no longer yearn for the activities that once excited you.


Takes away your inhibitions.


The effect of addiction can take away the ability to see right from wrong. Calling out of work because of late night binging or being hung over, can stifle your opportunities to move up in your job. Shoplifting or getting a DUI can make your criminal background check look less than stellar and take away your chance of being hirable for your dream job. Addiction can bring out a negative side making you do questionable things that can prevent you from having relationships that can be influential for you.


Takes away your happiness.


To want to do the things you enjoy, you must first be happy. Addiction strips away the pursuit of happiness leaving you irritable, restless, and discontented. The addiction at first may seem pleasurable, but the more it progresses the more and more you will try to reach an unattainable high.  


Takes away your drive.


When going after your goals, it takes effort and determination to get to the place you need to be. Addiction takes away the desire that is necessary to achieve what you are reaching for. Lack of sleep, poor diet, and other unhealthy habits that form during addiction can limit your initiative ability to perform the way you need to. Having the addiction as your highest prerogative takes away the necessary passion needed to follow your dreams.

Many of the crucial elements to chase your dreams can be minimized by addiction. Your brain chemistry is changed through abusing substances and activities, which lessens the inspiration to follow your dreams. Do not let addiction be the set back to having a life beyond your wildest dreams.

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