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How Do You Know if You Need a Dual Diagnosis?

Apr 9, 2018 | QA, Treatment

Dual Diagnosis is more common than you might think. Around 60 percent of people that struggle with addiction also struggle with a mental health issue. As more cases of addiction pop up, so do mental health comorbidities that show that these co-occurring disorders are not isolated to a few people. Drugs and alcohol may be the only relief that they know will render the pain of unmanageable psychological pain that they are unable to get rid of otherwise. If this is what you are undergoing, you might be a candidate for dual diagnosis.

You feel like life is unbearable when sober

Going through some tough situations can make you want to use drugs and alcohols to briefly forget what is going on in your life. If you are using them for a temporary fix, that is one thing, but if you are abusing drugs and alcohol as a means to escape beyond everyday stress, you may have depression or anxiety that needs to be treated along with addiction. People that are impulsive, display risky behavior knowing the consequences, self-medicate, or have past trauma are highly susceptible to needing a dual diagnosis.

You are suicidal or violently angry when sober

When you get off drugs or stop drinking alcohol heavily, there is usually a withdrawal period that people feel physically and mentally sick. If you feel suicidal or become violently anger there is something bigger going on that is most likely associated with a mental illness. Signs to be weary of are unnecessary aggression, self-harm, flashbacks to traumatic events, or overwhelming anxiety.

You are predisposed to or been diagnosed with mental illness or addiction

There is no certainty that every mental illness or addiction can be passed down genetically, although statistics show that there is a higher risk for someone to have a mental illness or addiction if an intermediate family member has been diagnosed with either. If a doctor has already determined that you have a mental illness or an addiction, they do not go away on their own. There is strenuous work and treatment that must take place to be alleviated from the symptoms of mental illness or addiction.

There are rehabilitation centers that cater specifically to people that need specialized treatment plans to get help. They have well-rounded programs based solely on aiding people into recovery for dual diagnosis.

Serenity Oaks Wellness Center is a 5-week extensive treatment program that will show a person battling drug and alcohol addiction a better way to live. Our outstanding medical and clinical staff want to help you to stay sober to better your chances of recovery.

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