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How Do I Stop Making Permanent Decisions on My Temporary Feelings?

How Do I Stop Making Permanent Decisions on My Temporary Feelings?

May 14, 2018 | Mental Health, QA

Ever heard that feelings are not facts? If you have not, then you should know feeling are not facts. You may be asking what that statement means exactly. Well, you are inquiring on an important question. Feelings are constantly changing. One minute you may be happy driving down the road enjoying the sunshine and then a few minutes later find yourself mad at the person that slammed on their brakes in front of you. Your feelings are simply emotions that can turn on a dime. Breakups, ending a job, or harming someone can easily happen if you let your emotions get the best of you.

Pause when agitated

Taking a moment to decipher what is really going on with your emotions can be the thing that can save you. If you continue with the flow of whatever you are feeling, even during happy times, you can make a bad decision based on your momentary emotion. Looking back on what could have happened if you had only hesitated can show you the discrepancy between your feelings with your actions.  

Restraint of pen and tongue

Instead of saying what you think you need to say in that point of time, try taking a few seconds to decide if you should say what is on your mind or if you really need to send that “scud missile” of a text. You cannot take back those type of behaviors once you have followed through with things. Most things can be easily forgiven but not necessarily forgotten.

Get a second opinion

Before you take that next measure, call someone that you trust and ask them what they think about what you are planning. The best advice comes from seeking what others who have merit though their own actions can instruct you on how to do better things with yours. You are probably not looking to be told what to do, however, sometimes saying out loud what is actually going on can straighten out what you are thinking in your head. Talking to someone else can really help you with creating a better outcome.

Emotions can become precarious at times and cause you to make decisions that may not be right for you. Flying off the handle can sometimes take your situation to a whole other level that you did not expect. Using your recovery tools can make the difference in whether you just want to be right or you are striving to be righteous.

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