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How Do I Set Goals for My Sobriety?

Feb 22, 2018 | QA

The new year gets most people thinking about what they would like to accomplish in the next year. A new year means setting new goals. Getting sober in the new year is a good starting point although the best starting point to getting sober is in the now. Setting goals for sobriety can make it easier when there is a reference guide to finding prosperity in the solution.


  • Get a starting point


If you have a starting point, then you can begin to navigate everything after that. Without one, there is no clear-cut direction as to where you are going. You may start with going to rehab, attending a 12-Step program, or seeing a therapist to seek help in getting an action plan going.


  • Be specific


Putting together a plan of action be crucial in staying on course. A plan that is specific, can be the guidance that you can refer to when you are feeling weak or triggers and cravings pop up. Calling someone, getting to a meeting, or using prevention tactics for relapse can be the very thing that can keep you sober.


  • Keep it simple


One of the ways that you can set yourself up for failure when you are setting goals is by overwhelming yourself with too many eggs in your basket. Start with a few things to accomplish, and once you become more comfortable with them, you can always add more when the time comes.


  • Stick with the plan


There are always distractions and discouragements that will arise throughout your lifetime. If you stay focused on the main task at hand in sobriety, you reap the rewards in all areas of your life. Addiction demolishes the positive aspects of life and recovery can pick up the pieces to create a new, improved life if you just stick to the plan.


  • Pat yourself on the back


Give yourself props where props are due. This does not mean build your ego to the size of the Empire State Building. What this means is to not be so hard on yourself. Trust the process and when you start seeing the positive transformation that recovery offers, be thankful. Help yourself to some personal, positive reinforcement because encouraging yourself will show you how to start loving yourself.

Goal setting is great way to start the new year off in a better fashion than the year before. Your priority must be in staying sober no matter what when you wish to recover and have a longevity in doing so.





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