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How Do I Mute the Voices from My Schizophrenia?

How Do I Mute the Voices from My Schizophrenia?

Jun 27, 2018 | Mental Health, QA

Around one percent of the population is affected with schizophrenia with symptoms that vary from case to case. The predominant symptoms that schizophrenia is known for include lack of motivation, trouble with concentration, delusions, and more commonly, hallucinations. Schizophrenia is usually depicted as someone that only “hears voices” or is “emotionally crazy” which is not the entire diagnosis.

Most of the time that someone with schizophrenia experiences voices in their head, they are hearing a voice that is derogatory or negative causing the sufferer distress. The hallucinations are heard in third person which are critical and may give the person specific instructions to carry something out. These types of hallucinations are called “command hallucinations” that will direct someone to execute dangerous or risky behavior. Persons with schizophrenia have episodes with auditory hallucinations, which can be treated with the help and suggestions of healthcare professionals.


One of the best defenses against hallucinations is through medication. Neuroleptics are a type of antipsychotic medication that can help to alleviate the voices that one with schizophrenia may hear in their head by about 80-90 percent or may get rid of the voices altogether. The mild tranquilizing effect that antipsychotic meds create reduces anxiety that schizophrenic people encounter and keeps them from acting on the impulses that command hallucinations pose.


Finding other schizophrenic like-minded people can show someone that may struggle to realize that they are not alone in their circumstances. Becoming part of a schizophrenic support group can bring to light the struggles of medication and the problems that they are facing on a day to day basis by picking up tips to better cope with the voices.


Cognitive behavioral therapy can help someone better manage the delusions that they are facing and in some cases the voices as well by analyzing on where the voice is actually coming from and what the voice is saying. Another technique of distraction has shown to be helpful when the schizophrenic person chooses to resist the need to divulge amongst the voices and try to disregard them in the first place.


Taking account of the voices from day to day can show different patterns that occur within each episode. By looking at the frequency, the tone of the message, the feelings incurred, and what actions need to be completed someone can become better informed with the direction of the voices.

By getting assistance and support from loved ones around them, schizophrenics can become better managed. Over what should be considered carefully is the overall mental health for a person to thrive in.

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